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Tu Meke Tūī is a children's book written by Malcolm Clarke, illustrated by Flox (Aka Hayley King) and designed and published by Mary Egan Ltd. Tere the Tūī and Taitū the Takahē are two very different sorts of birds; one loves to flit and twirl around in the sky, while the other prefers to rustle about in the undergrowth. Tu Meke Tūī is a story of friendship, courage and discovering that sometimes it's our differences that make us truly special. Tumeke is a New Zealand Māori word which means to startle or take fright. In recent years, tu meke (as two words) has developed as a colloquial phrase meaning ‘too much’ and is used to express excitement or being shaken up.


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Creativity is only limited by the power​ ​of imagination and since he was young Malcolm has worked to push his imagination to its full potential. As an editor for television Malcolm has worked internationally with some of the best in the business while maintaining a steady passion for a wide variety of creative pursuits such as writing, acting, theatre and film projects. The idea for Tu Meke Tūī! was born out of Malcolm’s appreciation for New Zealand’s native wildlife and his desire to expose young readers to the wonders of the natural world.
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A graffiti artist with a fine arts degree, Flox first made her mark in inner-city Auckland, New Zealand, her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers magically transforming grey walls into vibrant depictions of nature. Now seen everywhere from Berlin, Hong Kong and New York to Taiwan, the artist is certainly spreading her wings.
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Mary Egan Publishing is an independent publisher; they help individuals put their ideas into book form and into the hands of readers. Their team consists of Mary Egan and her two daughters, Anna and Sophia Egan-Reid. Mary is a legend in the world of New Zealand publishing, having devoted most of her life thus far to designing and publishing more beautiful, high quality and reputable books than she could hope to count. Anna has 12 years’ experience as a designer and typesetter, working for publishers and commercial companies as both an in-house designer and independent contractor. Sophia was born into the family publishing business, Egan-Reid Limited, and after that was sold in 2006, she started Mary Egan Publishing in 2010. They aim for their clients to have the best experience possible and to end up with a beautiful book. Tu Meke Tūī! is a perfect example of the quality of their work.

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